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 No Longer recommended – Here’s why

 Back in the 1970 when this product was developed the only deet products available were harsh and unfriendly.  They melted plastics, destroyed wood finishes and even etched some other materials.  That was then and this is now.  New water based formulas have been available for a long time, they are safe to use and easy to “spray”.  We like sprays over all lotion options and it’s for one simple reason – you can spray them onto your clothing – you can’t put a lotion on clothing and that why we are no longer recommending Ultrathon lotion.  It comes in spay form as well and that’s what we recommend.  Why spray clothing?  Because the majority of mosquito bites are through clothing – ankles through the sock, your thighs and calf through your pants and shoulders through your shirt.


is back . . . and mosquitoes and ticks don’t like it! But use the spray

 Also available in a long lasting 6oz aerosol and pump spray!!!

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 Ultrathon? It is a deet-based repellent that was originally developed for the U.S. Military for use in the challenging environments found worldwide. The long lasting properties of this product make it a favorite of adventurers and world travelers or even those of us who require backyard protection from insects and ticks. Because of this proven performance it became the repellent most recommended by the travel medicine community.

 Unlike many repellents whose effectiveness against ticks and mosquitoes has not been demonstrated in published field trials, Ultrathon has been shown to be 99% effective for more than 8 hours against mosquitoes and 92% effective against ticks (source the Medical letter, May 1989). When Ultrathon is combined with permethrin clothing treatments, 100% protection can be achieved.

 Today, with the increasing prevalence of diseases such as Lyme disease, West Nile encephalitis, malaria, dengue fever, ehrlichiosis and viral encephalitis, even backyard bites could be more than just a nuisance – and be potential for serious life-threatening illness.

 Features: Up to 12 hours protection from one application. Ultrathon contains 33% deet that is dispersed in a polymer, which reduces the loss of deet from skin surfaces through evaporation while blocking absorption. Ultrathon is also effective against biting flies, gnats, chiggers and fleas. The 2 oz cream is lightweight and convenient to carry and apply.

Important note: Readers should consider the use of this product in conjunction with treatment of clothing with permethrin repellent.  Permethrin treatment of clothing is part of the DoD insect protection system developed by the US military as is the use of Ultrathon on exposed skin.  The system yields protection results at nearly 100% . . . there is no system with better performance.  Ultrathon can be substituted with other high performing deet based repellents but the permethrin can not.  We carry all majors brands of permethrin and all are made to military specifications, Duranon, Sawyers and Permanone.  The minimum application of 3 oz to an adult outfit will yield 2 to 3 weeks of protection from ticks, mosquitoes, chiggers and other insects listed on the label.


 Since permethrin bonds to clothing, it can be used with any age group.  There is no migration of permethrin from garments to wearers.  Mosquito nets should also be considered for protection while sleeping.  Nets can be treated with permethrin for added protection.